Ways to De-clutter your Bedroom for Better Sleep

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Keeping the sanctuary spacious

When you are getting ready to retire for the evening, there could be any number of various thoughts about the day dancing around in your head that could prevent you from getting the rest you need. If the very last image you see is one that seems chaotic and unkept, you definitely are not making it any easier on yourself to dip down into your much-needed R.E.M. state.

Many who have a home office are known to have it in their bedroom, and while this can be alright for some, there are some gaping problems it can pose. The experts that show folks exactly how to have a very peaceful bedroom recommend making the room a place where you sleep ONLY, and not one that gives you constant reminders of what you need to get done.

How to handle the issue of Furniture

Having many different elements of furniture stuffed into a room that is meant for sleeping eventually makes it feel smaller, and this can literally make someone’s heart rate rise. When you are trying to get your heart to do just the opposite, having multiple fixtures in the bedroom may make you lose your intended focus.

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Here are some tips on what you can do to make sure that your bedroom is optimized for sleep, restful thoughts, and not seeming like it is overly cluttered all of the time.

  • Think about anything that you may want to get rid of. Many church sales, other bazaars, and organizations would be happy to take what you don’t need, and keep a look out for very long dressers and low surfaces that just tend to pull more clutter in.
  • Invite a friend over to help with another pair of eyes, and empty the bedroom. Think about ways to arrange the room that would seem less cluttered, and then slowly bring in the pieces you like most until the room seems like it’s adequately furnished, but not so crowded that you feel overwhelmed.
  • If you have time to remove every single thing from the room, using a low-VOC paint to spruce up the appearance is a very environmentally-friendly way of helping the flow. Zero emissions and no pungent fumes are just a few of the benefits you’ll get from doing something like this.

Another component for clutter: clothing

Shoes and other accessories, jewelry, and blouses or shirts tend to pile up and make your bedroom a place of less organization. Remember when you became a couple and one person’s closet was officially sacrificed?  Clothes lying around will definitely tend to make the crowding seem more intense.

If you can go through all of your clothes and shrink the overall amount of them, just make that your first priority, and then figure out what to do with the items that didn’t make the cut. Once you are done going through the entire set, just put them into one pile that you are willing to donate, and another pile that you’d be willing to sell at a large discount.

Solving the home office dilemma

Paying bills, worrying about the future and your finances, and producing work are all tasks that will not do much to promote relaxation. Many of the folks who work from home all day that we have talked to say that during the day working in there is fine, but during the night, it begins to draw you like a magnet of mondo stress!

Having the ability to close off your home office during the hours that you need to most will help you sleep so much better, and is in essence the biggest element of de-cluttering your bedroom there is. If space and other issues make it so that you just have to use the bedroom as the office, try to make it somewhere that can be closed off, as it can beckon you all day to give in to stress and overproduction.

These are just a few tips that can help you with the way you flourish and function in your bedroom, and working like this to ease your clutter will really help your focus towards rest. The alternative of relentless hours tossing and turning won’t make you any happier, and peace will transform you into a more productive being.

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