How To Make Your Bed Feel Like a Hotel Bed

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A luxurious hotel bedroom isn’t impossible to replicate at home. There are a few essentials to keep in mind. The quality of the pillows, your sheets and the comforter are probably most important when it comes to recreating the sophistication.

To make your bed reminiscent of what you’ll find in a luxurious hotel room, you may want to keep the following suggestions in mind.

The suggestions below go beyond simply making the bed like a pro but if that is all that is needed to put the finishing touches on your room then watch the video below…


Choose the Right Colors

Sparkling white – this is the most typical color for a luxury hotel room. If you want to enjoy the same level of sophistication, you should most definitely opt for spotless white sheets, pillows and a beautiful comforter.

An all-white bed created a minimalist and clean effect. The same ambiance can’t be recreated through the use of sheets in other colors. If you take a look at hotel pictures, you’ll find out that some of the best rooms feature an all-white bed.

White is a color that looks fresh and crisp. Thus, your bedroom would appear as if it were just renovated. People link perfect whiteness to something new. The ultimate luxury usually involves simplicity. There’s no need to mix colors and patterns in an attempt to produce something more visually-pleasing.

Choose the Right Mattress

A luxury hotel-style bed should have the right mattress. In fact, that’s one of the most important prerequisites for quality sleep and the ultimate boutique hotel experience.

A medium to firm mattress is the standard in most reputable hotels. It provides sufficient support, ensuring the quality of sleep. a medium to firm mattress will also be needed to reduce the risk of pain and stiffness in the morning.

Quality mattresses tend to be expensive. Still, a good piece will be much more long-lived than an inexpensive one. Spending more money on a quality mattress will prove to make financial sense in the long run. Additionally, a good mattress will help you sleep better by providing sufficient spinal support.

Choose the Right Comforter and Pillows

Luxury hotels feature the best materials – fluffy fillings, soft fabrics and hypoallergenic items that give visitors the right ambiance. When transforming your home bed, make sure that you’re looking at the right types of comforters and pillows.


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Down comforters and alternative down fillings are equally good options. Check the thickness of the filling and its additional characteristics. Is the filling hypoallergenic? Is it dust-mite resistant? Does it allow proper air flow? If air can’t circulate through the material, you’ll feel way too hot underneath the comforter.

When it comes to pillows, opt for down and feathers or shredded memory foam. These materials provide enough support while also feeling soft and luxurious. The cover of the pillow should be made either of 100 percent pure cotton or bamboo.

Go for a big number of pillows! Some of the best hotels have at least three pillows in their premium and VIP rooms. If you don’t know how to choose, make sure that you have at least two down and two down alternative pillows. When it comes to a luxurious bed, quality and quantity both happen to be rather important.


You may have issues with harder mattresses but these can be customized easily. A little bit of cushioning turns hotel beds in the perfect fluffy spots for relaxation. To pamper yourself, you’ll need to put something on top of the mattress, giving you at least a little bit of cushioning.

The ultimate option is a featherbed. Such products are available in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. Keep in mind, however, that featherbeds tend to be really expensive. Even when they’re available at a discounted price, featherbeds will still be rather costly.

Needless to say, the market offers alternatives. A memory foam mattress topper is another good pick. It will work wonders when it comes to customizing the mattress and making it feel softer. The cushioning you add isn’t going to affect the quality of mattress support, so don’t hesitate to pick something soft and fluffy.

As you have probably figured out already, enjoying a luxurious hotel bed is all about quality. The mattress, the mattress topper, the sheets, the pillows and the comforter should all be superior. Go big and look for the best possible price to quality ratio. If you stick to luxurious products, you’ll be free from having to purchase additional items and accessories. The experience you’ll get be unparalleled and you’ll get to enjoy these quality items for many years to come.