Experience how royal families slept back in the centuries with a Pyrenees Down Comforter. Rare and luxurious, Pyrenean Down is larger and fluffier for extraordinary insulation. Like feathers used in making most bedding sets, Pyrenees is goose down. Pyrenees refers to the geographic location where the birds come from – the Pyrenees Mountains flanked by the countries of France and Spain. Farms of domesticated geese are common in this region. When a goose is nesting, it molts quality feathers that are then harvested. The outcome is a down with a fill power of 550 to 600. Pyrenees feathers means larger, fluffier clusters that provide extraordinary insulation.

A taste of royalty appeals to everyone. Nonetheless, Pyrenean down comforter is not recommended for people suffering from asthma and other allergies as it could be detrimental to their condition. The warmth and thickness of this comforter makes it ideal for folks living in colder climates.

Pinzon Signature Pyrenees Down Comforter

Leak-proof and with the just right thread count, goose feather filling and fill power, this comforter guarantees royal treatment when it comes to sleep.

Pinzon Signature Pyrenees feather comforter

Featuring a 100 percent leak-proof cotton shell, 400 thread-count, a total of 40 ounces pyrenean goose feather, the comforter offers medium level of warmth and comfort all year round. The Pyrenees down comforter exploits a PermaBaffle shiftless construction to guarantee zero shifting of the feather fill. In addition, it has a 600 fill power, plush enough to provide that “cozy” feel but not so heavy as to weight you down.

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  • 100% Cotton
  • 100% cotton Leak-proof cover in a 400-thread-count striped dobby weave
  • 40 ounces white goose-down filling; 600 fill power
  • PermaBaffle, a patented end-to-end 14-inch baffle box construction, to keep the fill held in place
  • Machine washable and dryable


  • Twin (68” x 86”)
  • Full (81” x 86”)
  • Queen (92” x 88”)
  • King (107” x 92”)


Pacific Coast® Platinum European Comforter with Pyrénées Down

Envelop yourself with the sumptuously cozy Pacific Coast® Platinum European Feather Comforter.

Pacific coast pyrenees down comforter set


Considered as some of the best bedding available, this one will change your view on bedding. Featuring a 650 fill power Hyperclean® Pyrenees Feathers, this comforter has larger, fluffier clusters that provide superb insulation. True Baffle Box design and patented Comfort Lock® border allow the feathers inside to fully loft while minimizing shifting.

Save energy by lowering your thermostat and snuggling into the Pacific Coast® Luxury Down Comforter.


  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Color: White; 420 Thread Count Egyptian cotton Barrier Weave™ fabric
  • 650 Fill Power Hyperclean® Pyrenees Feather;
  • Comfort Lock® Border
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • True Baffle Box Design patented Comfort Lock® border allow the feathers inside to fully loft while minimizing shifting.


  • Twin: 68″ x 88″
  • Full/Queen: 90″ x 98″
  • King: 108″ x 98″

Pyrenees comforters only require cleaning every 3-5 years; owing to the size of these comforters, it is recommended to have it dry-cleaned or professionally laundered. It is advisable to use a washable duvet cover keep your comforter cleaner for longer.

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