Lightweight Down Comforters are excellent for those of us who struggle with being too warm at night. I know the issue that I run into is that my wife is from Mexico and she tends to get cold living up here in the arctic winters of Nebraska. Some people are lighter sleepers than others and some people are warmer sleepers than others, that’s why its important to have options available for bedding for all types of sleepers.

We’ve covered this topic a little bit on our home page, and a few lightweight down comforter options can be found on our down comforter guide page as well.

Lightweight down comforters would be blankets targeted for sleepers who have a room temperature of 72F, 22C or above in their bedroom, or those of us who just feel stifled by a heavier warmth blanket. Typically this also includes sleepers in warmer climates, in the south where winters are much more mild, these types of comforters are extermely popular.

These types of comforters are the perfect way to still have the luxurious feel of a down blanket but keep the airy light manner of sleeping that helps you sleep best at night.

Recommended Lightweight Down Comforters

Hotel Luxury Lightweight Down Blanket

(Around $200)

hotel luxury lightweight comforter

One of the lightest warmth blankets available from pacific coast, this is a luxurious comforter that will definitely feel as good as a heavy warmth comforter but spare you from being overheated while you sleep.

It comes with sewn through box construction to keep the feathers from shifting around, as well as HIGH 575 fill power hyperclean goose down.

The 230 thread count 100% cotton cover will allow for airflow to keep the heat from building up beneath the blanket.

The dimensions for queen are 90x96in : 228x243cm and for king are 108x96in : 274x243cm.

This blanket can be machined washed and dried.

Marrikas Light Weight Down Comforter

(Around $170)

lightweight blanket

The Marrikas Lightweight White Goose down comforter only comes in one size and that is queen. But it is a fantastic choice for a 550 fill power down blanket.

The 550 fill power makes it extremely light and fluffy. The cover is 100% cotton and comes in at 233 thread count, meaning you will not suffocate underneath it due to its breathe ability.

This is an excellent choice for warm nights, warmer weather climates or those of us tired of overheating at night. But it will still give you that fantastic feel of feather bedding.

The comforter is hypo-allergenic, it comes in queen sized dimensions of 88x88in : 223x223cm, and is machine washable and dry-able.

P.C. Light Warmth Comforter

(Around $180)

light warmth blanket

This is a light and breathable comforter made by pacific coast, 100% in the USA. It has a great fluffy feel to it due to its 550 fill power down.

The sewn through box construction acts as a barrier to keep down from moving inside the blanket. It also has a 300 thread count shell to help with air flow to maintain a steady warm but not hot temperature under the blanket.

This comforter is an excellent choice for a light blanket to keep you warm without stifling you in your sleep.

The dimensions on the queen are 88x90in 223x228cm : and king are 104x89in : 264x226cm. It needs to be dry cleaned or professionally laundered.

Warm weather down comforters are a fantastic option for any bedroom in your home. If you live in a warmer climate or if it bothers you to have too much heat smothering you while you sleep then these are great choices for you.

These three options give you a good selection of choices of lightweight down blankets for a few different price points. Hopefully this will help you make your decision on perfect comforter for your bedroom and you’ll be sleeping the best sleep of your life at the perfect body temperature!

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