Designed particularly for chilly nights, the Extra Warmth Down Comforters are the perfect balance of warmth and comforter. Down clusters are made up of light, fluffy filaments which enlarge and interweave to form air pockets. These pockets entrap air, thus making down nature’s most effective insulator. This makes down so warm and light. Extra Warmth down Comforters are perfect for room temperatures from 62°F to 65°F. A cozy choice in late fall or early spring

What Is Fill Power? Fill power refers to the volume a single ounce of down takes up: the higher the fill power, the more superior the insulation quality of the down. Mature, larger birds produce down that has greater loft, so it insulates better — meaning less of it is required to keep you warm.

Reviewed below are two of the top rated extra wamth down comforters;

Extra Warmth Down Comforter

If you’re a cool sleeper or live in a colder climate, enjoy high quality extra warmth and fluffy loft in this well-priced comforter. The extra amount of Hyperclean® down stuffing ensures that you have a soft and cozy retreat night after night. This is exactly what you need to achieve that insulating warmth you’ve been dreaming about.

Extra Warmth Down Comforters

The comforter has an increased amount of 550 fill power Hyperclean® Pacific Coast® down. To ensure maximum comfort, lasting softness and durability; the fluffy fill is covered with 300 thread count 100% cotton. In addition, a sewn through box construction and Comfort Lock® border keeps the down evenly distributed for night-long warmth and shift-free comfort. This is an excellent choice for cold climates and cool sleepers looking to cuddle up in toasty comfort.

Product Information;


  • Sewn through box construction
  • Comfort Lock® no shift border
  • Navy blue corded trim
  • 550 Fill power Hyperclean® down, Fluffy for Life™


  • ·         Twin: 63″ x 86″
  • ·         Full/Queen: 88″ x 90″
  • ·         King: 104″ x 89″

Easy care duvet loops have been added for your convenience and you’ll like the look of the navy blue cording that lends a stylish finish to this reasonably-priced, Extra Warmth Comforter.

Pinzon Extra Warmth White Down King Comforter

Extra warm for cold weather comfort, the king-size Pyrenees Extra Warmth White Down comforter, with 60 total ounces of white down, is just right for your needs. Boasting a fill power of 550, the comforter

Extra Warmth Down Comforters

ensures a premium down value. Pyrenees comforter utilizes the patented PermaBaffle shiftless construction, and an end to end 14-inch-baffle-box design to ensure down stays evenly distributed all the way to each edge. This sees you enjoy even warmth, every single rest throughout the life of your comforter.

The comforter also boasts a 400-thread-count Dobby weave 100 percent cotton shell, and features an attractive stripe pattern

Product information;


  • PermaBaffle, a patented end-to-end 14-inch baffle box construction
  • 100% cotton Leak-proof cover in a 400-thread-count dobby weave;
  • 60 ounces white down filling; 550 fill power
  • Machine washable and dryable


  • Twin: 63″ x 86″
  • Full/Queen: 88″ x 90″
  • King: 104″ x 89″

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