There is something especially cozy about slipping under an organic down comforter. The weight of a comforter can instantly make you feel safe, snuggly, and warm in bed. Down comforters come in different varieties such as, 100% down, 100% down alternative, or a mixture of down feathers and down alternative. You want to look for the comforter that works best for you.

Some people prefer the weight and warmth of traditional down, others feel more comfortable using an equally warm down alternative. Below are some features, pros and cons of an organic 100% down comforter and an organic goose down alternative comforter, both king-size.

King Size Organic Real Down Comforter-Heavy

organic real down comforter

This comforter uses real down that has been double washed to remove allergens. It has a high density organic down proof covering. Having your comforter cover be down proof is important….feathers are sharp and no one wants the down to poke through the comforter cover!

This comforter features a baffle box design which is also important as the baffle box design keeps the down spread throughout the comforter instead of allowing the down to lump all together in the bottom corner. The comforter is rated with 700 fill power and is high loft.

A high loft means this comforter is fluffy! It can be used all season long, depending on how warm you tend to sleep. It does need to be professionally laundered, so no using your own washing machine on this beauty! This comforter retails for about $470.00.

  • A consumer says “this blanket is everything a down comforter should be, fluffy, warm, and perfect to curl up under. If you are a fan of real down, this comforter is for you!”
  • Another consumer states “this comforter was a bit on the hot side for me. I tend to sleep warm so next time will go with less down fill.”


King Size Organic Comfort Goose Down Alternative Comforter

organic down alternative comforter

This comforter uses a luxury fine fiber down alternative. It features a fine cotton covering that is 100% hypo allergenic that is also mite resistant. It can be used all season long, depending on how warm you prefer to sleep and comes in two warmth densities, medium or light. It is easy to care for as it is machine washable. This comforter retails for about $109.00 if the light density is chosen.

One Consumer who purchased this for her granddaughter states “She loves it! She says it is warm and comfy and loves to snuggle with it.”

Another consumer says “this blanket is great for what it is but I prefer real down, next time I will spend the money on a real down comforter.”

Buying a down or down alternative comforter is an investment in your warmth, style, and comfort. Deciding on the level of fill and loft is a highly personal decision that will be largely decided by how warm your own body temperature is and how warm you already sleep. The same is applicable as to whether you decide on a down or down alternative fill. A good night’s sleep is important for many reasons, and choosing the right comforter will go a long way towards fulfilling your nightly requirement of zzzzzzs. Happy comforter shopping!

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