Those who may live in very humid areas could be wondering what kind of down comforter they should be purchasing, and they may be wondering “Are down comforters cool in summer?”. After the punishing heat and blazing sun that many days in months like July can offer up, you may find yourself wondering about the purchase of a cool down comforter, even if you have central air conditioning that is working quite well.

hot weather comforter

When looking for the best down comforters for hot sleepers, we did come across this guide that has some great examples of what luxury hotels such as the Westin provide in the realm of bedding for hot sleepers. When the hot months make their way into your routine, the best cool down comforter out there is going to seem like a very major blessing and means of staying dry.

After you have selected the right cooling down comforter for your home, one of the benefits is that you can still use many of them all year round. Many users prefer spring summer comforters all year round, and claim that many good brands out there are still comfortable even when keeping the house at a very low 62 degrees.

Why are Goose Down and cooling down comforters so popular?

  • They are extremely manageable, and have a very light feel.
  • The height and loft work hard to hold your body heat in.
  • The fabrics they are made from will help you keep sweat and moisture contained.
  • They keep their composure much longer than comforters that have synthetic filling.
  • Your sweat will not be deposited on your body, and so you won’t awake with the telltale sticky feeling on your skin.
  • Those with respiratory diseases will benefit greatly from use, because heavier blankets endanger comfortable sleep.

Obtaining a very soft microfiber cover will also prevent the sound of crinkling from some brands every time you roll over, and truly make you feel as if you are in a very silky and comfortable sleeping environment. Here are a few of the best cool down comforter options we could find, and a bit of information and statistics on each.

Pacific Coast Feather Lightweight Warmth Down Comforter – Queen

down comforter for hot sleepers

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This all natural 550 fill power Grey Duck Down comforter comes from one of the most respected brands in the business, and has 300 thread count as well as a cotton barrier weave cover. Made in the USA of imported raw materials, it’s a perfect down comforter for those in warmer climates.

Users say the product fluffs up very nicely on the bed, and it is perfect for Northern California Winters, or the punishing heat of Texas summers. This is the kind of down comforter that is perfect if you are one who may like to keep the air conditioning on low, and if you still want a good comforter to cover you up.

Other reviews claimed that using this was just like “sleeping under a cloud”, and when you get to this grade of comforter, you do want to find what’s just right for you and your bed. Some say that the material on this down comforter is a bit crunchy or noisy, but we have always known them to be one of the best providers/brands in the business.

Luxury Light Weight Hypoallergenic 600 Fill Power White Goose Down Comforter

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This is lightweight down with 600 fill power, with a hypoallergenic White Goose Down and is made in the USA. It is composed of a very crisp and breathable 230 thread count cotton fabric, and is machine washable.

This product has been used by many that are looking for the ultimate consistency and meet the needs of those needing lightweight comforters. Some users say that when they kept it around for just a few months, they ended up with small feathers all over themselves and their clothing, and they were not happy with that.

Keeping this in mind, there are many consumers out there that would not want to spend a dime on a product that perhaps had this defect, but many Goose Down Comforter enthusiasts know that this can be part of the turf. Perhaps not as good as other makes and brands out there, this one by Downlite is probably still much better than just using a typical blanket that will trap that heat and keep it in while you are sleeping.

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Cuddledown 1000 Fill Power Batiste Down Comforter, King, Summer

summer down comforter for hot sleepers

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An ultimate lightweight comforter that is in a very high price range, this is one that is worth the cost. It is filled with North American exclusive 1000 fill power white European goose down, with a 350 thread count. Made in the USA, this is a very light and soft product for your bed.

Sometimes available in very limited amounts, it is a North American comfort exclusive, and many say this one is the finest that they have encountered in their search for comfort. Reviewers claim that it pairs excellently with the Mystic Home Cumberland duvet cover, and is “Simply amazing in the soft catgegory”.

One reviewer said that it was leaking badly, but they quickly heeded the call to give them a replacement, and they still love the product. Something to take note of is that it weighs only half of what others in the same category weigh, and this no doubt adds to its overall comfort.

Spring Summer comforters are one way to remain comfortable, yet still have the delightfully light and fluffy sensation that any weary sleeper craves. These three we have provided for you pose a bit of a variety for you to choose from, and there are many more out there on the web to browse.

The best bedding for hot sleepers is not that old blanket that you have had for years! Once you see just how comfortable you can make your sleep area with the options available, you’re going to be daydreaming about your area you recharge your batteries in relentlessly.