Those that do sleep on their stomachs are going to love the gentler cushioning of a down pillow, and will also appreciate not feeling like they are simply sliding on top of a firm, cardboard-like place to just prop their head. From standard on up to king size and beyond, you will quickly notice that a pillow that boasts multiple pillows inside will bring comfort to you when you need slumber more than sanity itself.

Using the common pillow might guarantee you a little pleasure but not satisfaction. Pair a feather pillow with a feather-filled comforter and down mattress pad for the ultimate in warm, supported sleep. For softness, nothing is better than down pillows. They’re especially popular with people that sleep on their stomachs, who prefer their pillows cushiony, not firm.Goose down pillows

Goose Down Pillows : Our Picks

TOP PICK: Slumber Core Feather Pillow

The Slumber core Down pillow made by pacific coast comforters is a down pillow filled with two inner feather pillows that run its width and they will contour to the head and neck during sleep for great alignment and amazing support.


The inner pillows come filled with a denser more resistant feather surrounded by 550 fill power pacific coast hyperclean feathers throughout the rest of the pillow.

This pillow comes wrapped in 300 thread count 100% cotton and will help you sleep at night by supporting your head, shoulders and neck like never before. The feeling of relax and comforter after sleeping a night on this pillow will amaze you.

The pillow is machine washable for easy cleaning.

The pillow comes in standard 20x20in 50x50cm, queen size: 20x30in, 50x76cm, or king sizes: 20x36in : 50x91cm.

Pacific coast fills the pillow to 550 fill power, and it includes a their patented barrier weave to keep the feathers from escaping the pillow.

It also comes with pacific coast’s 30 night comfort gaurantee and a 5 year limited warranty.


Best Selling Double Down Around Pillow

double down around down pillow

Another pick for pacific coast, this is the best selling pillow-in-a-pillow. The double Down Around pillow is a soft pillow filled with the denser “resilia” feathers used by pacific coast to fill their support pillows.

The outer pillow is then filled with the hyperclean 550 fill power down in order to provide an amazing soft feel.

Hotels worldwide use this pillow and it’s quite possible you’ve slept on one of these before. This pillow has a super soft feel and is best for stomach and back sleepers, and provides custom support along with easy maintenance.

The pillow has a 300 thread count, 100% cotton outer shell with barrier weave fabric to keep any feathers from escaping.

It comes with pacific coasts 30 night comfort gaurantee as well as a fluffy for life and 5 year limited warranty.

The pillow comes in three sizes: standard 20x20in 50x50cm, queen size: 20x30in, 50x76cm, or king sizes: 20x36in : 50x91cm.

As suggested by their name, these pillows are filled with goose feathers , this is the fluffy layer found underneath the feathers of geese, which keeps them warm. For a pillow to be considered down, it’s fill has to be at least 75% down and less than 25% feathers. Feather pillows whose fill contain feathers customarily have them fill up the pillow cor. The down then surrounds the feathers to assurance surface softness.

Feather pillows have a lot of benefits over other pillows, for instance;

  • These awesome pillows mold to the shape of your head, regardless of your sleeping position.

Top on the benefits of having at least two feather pillows, is their ability to form to the form of your head and neck, providing customized support.

Goose feather comforter pillow

  • These all-natural pillows are an excellent choice for those who find their head to be too warm at night, as down pillows breathe easily and allow airflow around the head and neck and through the pillow, keeping the head cool.
  • Down pillows can be filled and customized to match the density you prefer
  • Feather pillows can be revamped and re-cased, unlike pillows filled with man-made fibers. Down pillows offer a variety in densities, and sizes range from standard to king.
  • In addition, feather pillows are soft, fluffy, cuddly and moldable. They have a tendency to to be lightweight, long-lasting and potentially suitable for all sleeping positions.
  • Goose Feather pillows have a lifespan of up to 20 years with right care and cleaning. Get a zippered pillow shield and pillow sham to cover the pillow. This keeps natural body oils from absorbing in to the down. It’s advisable to store unused down pillows in breathable bags. This is because plastic storage bags will trap moisture, increasing the chances for mildew.

Allergies are a common problem when it comes to selecting a feather pillow. As these pillows are filled with a natural animal product, those that have allergies to waterfowl ought to avoid natural down pillows. Hypoallergenic-treated down pillows are available, and are suitable for those with mild allergies. For those with more severe allergies, down alternative pillows are available.

Goose Feather alternative pillows mimic the fluffiness, softness, luxury and comfort of down, but are hypoallergenic and a healthier choice for persons sensitive to respiratory allergens. Goose down alternative pillowsSynthetic polyester pillows, regular polyester fill and down alternative pillows, also attract dust mites and need regular cleaning to eliminate household allergens.

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