Whether you refer to them as comforter covers or duvet covers, they are your best option when it comes to keeping your comforter stylish, as well as clean.

down comforter covers
A comforter cover gives your bedroom an elegant look


A comforter cover is essentially a pillowcase for your comforter, ensuring a lasting freshness and a longer life. Down Blankets have corner loops that tie into the comforter covers, holding your comforter in place.

If you own a down blanket, make sure you have it covered. In addition to changing the appearance of your bedroom to give it an elegant look and, beautiful duvet covers also protect your down quilt.

These convenient and fashionable accessories enclose an insert, allowing you change your bedding ensemble without necessarily having to replace a blanket. Duvet covers are an essential possession for down blanket owners, and they make a great option for those considering new bedding.

Comforter covers are moderately low-priced; they come in lots of varieties of styles and colors and can keep your bedding sheltered and looking awesome.

A duvet cover purchase is a prudent investment for several reasons.

Comforter Covers

  • First, using a duvet cover elongates the life of your blanket by protecting it from wear and tear. This means that you can merely buy a new, reasonably priced comforter cover, rather than having to replace an expensive comforter a few years ahead.
  • Second, using a comforter cover maintains that elegant appearance and keeps your down blanket looking good by shielding it from stains, dust and dirt. This is particularly significant since most comforters are white and eagerly display stains and spills.
  • Third, a duvet cover will save you on cleaning costs. Most down comforters require professional cleaning; cleaning bills to clean the goose down blankets can stack up over time. Down comforter covers, in contrast, can be speedily stripped off your comforter and tossed into the wash.
  • To end with, duvet protectors offer an easy on the pocket way to change the look of your bedding. As an alternative to buying entirely new bedding, simply buy a new duvet protector set and transform the look of your room.
    flannel comforter cover
    Dubet protectors come in lots of varieties of styles and colors

Comforter covers are manufactured in all bed sizes. From twins to California king comforters covers and everything in between, you can find duvet protectors for whatever size bed you seek to outfit.

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How to secure a comforter cover

  • Lay out the duvet flat on the bed. Place the inside-out dubet protector at the foot of the comforter, bottom of the cover touching that of the comforter. The open part of the comforter cover should be facing away from the comforter.
  • Fasten the ties in the corners. Most comforter covers come with small ties in the corners, and duvet loops the ties can be tied around.
  • Grasp the duvet. Work your arms through the open end of the duvet cover and reach out till you can grasp the comforter. Line up the seam and corners at the foot of the comforter with the seam and corners at the bottom of the cover.
  • Pull the blanket toward you, lifting up as you pull, so the comforter cover falls down around the blanket.
  • Keep pulling till the duvet protector completely encases the comforter. Tuck the corners of the blanket into those of the duvet cover’s open end.
  • Button, tie or zip the duvet cover shut.
  • Grasping two corners, give the covered duvet a firm shake to smoothen and flatten it out. This also helps fluff up the down inside.

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