Starting as newborns, babies need 15-16 hours of sleep every day, help them get that sleep with a great toddler or baby down comforter. As kids grow, they still require sleep to develop properly. Keep reading to see our baby down comforter reviews!

Making your beloved little one’s bedroom comfortable and cozy will see them achieve best sleep that’s where choosing a baby down blanket comes in. When kids sleep well, everyone else sleeps well, making every day smoother for the entire family.

Toddler comforters feel really thin and light. Remember however, kids do not regulate and control their body temperatures as well as grownups.  Anything more than a light mantle is too much. When picking a baby down comforter you should be careful that it’s not too large.

A toddler goose down comforter keeps your child warm, without being too hot. All children’s feather comforter and pillows should be made of 100% allergy friendly; this is in addition to having unique properties for optimum insulation and absorption of perspiration.

Best Baby Down Comforter

Just For Baby White Down Comforter Crib

baby down comforter

A beautiful crib size feather comforter which will help your toddler sleep sound at night, all warm and cozy. This comforter is is filled with hypoallergenic down, 550 fill power for a fluffy and safe finish.

The cover is 300 thread count “feather-proof” cotton, which keeps the feathers from leaving the outer shell.

The comforter is made with baffled channel construction to keep the feathers from clumping up or moving around insider the shell.

The dimensions of this toddler down comforter are 41 x 48in : 104 x 122cm.

This is our top recommended down comforter for baby cribs and it comes in around $79.19.


Sweet JoJo Baby Down Alternative Comforter

Sweet Jojo Designs Baby Blue Down Alternative Comforter / Blanket for Crib BeddingSweet Jojo Designs Baby Blue Down Alternative Comforter / Blanket for Crib Bedding

baby down blanket

Keep your baby happy sleeping at night under this Sweet JoJo Designs fluffy feather-alternative comforter.

This baby down comforter comes covered in 233 thread count 100% cotton and uses sterelized hypo-allergenic feather-alternative fill for the inside.


Your child will sleep well, and this blanket is 100% allergy free, but at the same time provides similar comfort as that of a real toddler down comforter.

This comforter fits all standard cribs. The blanket dimensions are 33 x 43in : 83 x 109cm.


It has box stitching to keep the fill in place so that it does not shift about and clump up inside the blanket.


This baby down comforter for a crib is machine washable for easy care and comes in baby blue or pink colors for his or hers!

This goose feather alternative comforter comes priced at $54.99 on


Down itself characteristically doesn’t cause allergies. Lower quality feathers however tend to harbor dust particles, or other non-down materials, which cause an allergic reaction in sensitive people.

However, high-quality feathers (used for toddler goose down comforters) is cleaned comprehensively in accordance to strict industry standards, and is much less likely to trigger allergic reactions.

If your loved one is prone to allergies, alternative comforters or high-quality feather comforters are recommended.

Down alternative comforters are filled with synthetic fill fibers, which are designed to mimic lofty feather clusters. Most synthetics used to make down alternative comforters are completely hypoallergenic and as long as they are kept clean, will not cause allergies.

toddler down comforter set
A light baby goose down comforter

If you’re looking for a full size comforter for a queen or king size bed, check out our goose down comforters page.

However, down alternative comforters are heavier in weight as compared to feather comforters as they require more synthetic fill to provide the same warmth as natural down. Thick bedding for instance regular sized comforters should ideally not be used till your baby is at least 1 year old.  This is because excessively large and thick bedding are choking hazards for young babies. A down throw is appropriate for small kids.

If your child has allergie

  • Identify the child’s specific allergies – Your child’s discomfort may have more than one cause; Dust mites, their dropping, and mold are a common trigger for respiratory allergies.
  • Switch to bedding with all-natural fibers- Your child’s comforter, sheets, or pillowcases may contain man-made fibers that irritate your skin
  • Protect bedding from outside allergens- Cover your pillows, comforter, and mattress with hypoallergenic slipcovers to prevent mites and dander from reaching your bedding.
  • Try an alternative comforter and pillow- Down is improbable to cause allergies; it’s the dust mites and dander hiding in down bedding that triggers reactions
    toddler down comforter
    envelop your little one in this versatile comfort and luxurious toddler comforter

The cozy, soft feather throw will cocoon your child in versatile comfort. It comes with a fluffy down fill and a super soft brushed cotton cover. This light warmth throw is available in a variety of stylish colors you’re sure to love.

To conclude this piece, synthetic fibers slowly degrade in spite of how well the comforter is kept; hence, alternative comforters need to be replaced more regularly than feather comforters.


If you need a cover for your current or future feather duvet comforter please read our reviews at the down comforter covers page.