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My Wife and I at thanksgiving 2014, missing from the picture are our two mischievous children, Dani and Noah.

Hi, my name is Michael and I’m the author of this website.

I started this company because I believe I have expert knowledge on helping people find the best comforter for each room in their house. I’ve been using goose down blankets since I was a child and I would never use anything else.

I’m sort of a research and investigation wierdo… Let me explain.

Last year when I bought the televisions for my house, I spent 3 months going over all the TV’s on the market to make sure I got the best quality for the best price. I love doing this kind of thing, I spend hours in front of my computer trying to find the best deals, and looking up all the statistics about different products and comparison shopping.

There are some who would think that spending this much time on finding the best price for goods is not really worth it for TV’s, or even the best goose down comforter. It’s not just the lowest price that you are looking for, but other important elements such as manufacturer information and important stats.

Even though many people may think that its strange that I was very obsessive about my TV stats, it really helped me in the long run, because I found the perfect model that was right for my house at exactly the right price. As you look over our website, you’ll become more excited by the minute about finding the perfect down comforter, and how great the quality of sleep you’re going to have soon will be.

At I took all the information I gained while doing this for my down bedding. I own the Pacific Coast Extra Warmth Down Comforter for winters and the Light Warmth Deluxe Down Comforter for summer weather). My family and I live in Nebraska so the temperature swings from below 0 to up in the high 90’s from Winter to Summer, so 1 comforter wasn’t cutting it for year round use for us.

Hopefully the information you find on this site will make it easier for you to purchase the down comforter that fit’s your unique needs perfectly.

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