Hi, welcome to best goose down comforters shopping guide. My name is Michael and I’m a sleep enthusiast! I love a great nights sleep, and along with that comes a passion for the perfect bedding. I’ve put in tons of time on this site to help explain what it takes to find the best down blanket for each individual, please use this information to find your perfect down duvet!

When it comes to choosing a comforter for your home, there’s a few very important variables you should discuss with yourself or whoever you sleep with before you make the purchase. Read on to learn how to easily pick the best feather duvet for your home. Or if you’re looking to quickly see which are the top down comforters available right now check this out…

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Top 3 ComfortersBrand NamePriceMore Info
Classic Down Comforter
classic down comforter
Pacific Coast $160 - $200

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Royal Hotel Down Comforter
royal hotel down comforter
Royal Hotel$140 - $155

down comforter
Premier Down Comforter
premier comforter style
Pacific Coast $225 - $300

down throw
best goose down comforters
Picking the best down comforter for your house is easy!

What’s The Best Goose Down Comforter?

There is no one ultimate down blanket for every individual, each person is going to have their own unique needs. The basics of down bedding are these: your budget, sleep temp, fill power, thread count and baffle boxes, along with some other concerns such as allergies, warranties, and colors.

Your Comforter Budget

1. Start by thinking a bit about what you want to spend (unless of course, price is no concern of yours! then go straight for the eiderdown comforter). This is important, its going to tell you a lot about what type of down blanket you can afford.

Typically the more you spend for a down comforter the more comfortable it will be and the longer it will last. Don’t worry though, there are comforters for all price ranges.

A standard retail down blanket can be found for $75 to $150, great down blankets start around $150 and up to $400, and luxury down bedding typically will cost you more than $400.

Down Bedding Sleep Temperature

2. Next you want to thing about the sleep temp. Basically, sleep temp is what is the temperature of the room in which you sleep. There are three major types of sleep temp comforters:

  • 68F, 20C or lower is considered “heavy warmth down comforter”
  • 68-72F : 20-22C is considered “year round comforter” sleep temp
  • 72F : 22C or above is consider warm weather, and you’ll want a “light-warmth down duvet”

Each comforter you’re looking at should have a label with something similar to this, so you can automatically tell what temperatures that specific down comforter should be used in. If you’re shopping online, all online retailers should tell you the approximate temperature range of the down blanket you’re looking at.

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Goose Down Fill Power

3. Each down comforter comes with it’s own “fill power.” If you’re buying a comforter that doesn’t have a clearly labelled fill power, it likely contains very few actual down feathers. Fill power is an industry standard label, sort of like how sheets have a “thread count” label.

A common misconception is that fill power is how MUCH down is inside the blanket, however, fill power basically means what is the quality of the down that is inside the blanket. Higher fill power will make a lighter fluffier blanket, and thus a more comfortable one.

The easiest way to remember fill power is that More Fill power is Better, and the best down comforters start around the 500 fill power level and go up from there. Luxury down comforters come standard with at least 700 fill power or greater.

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Baffle Boxes and Thread Count

4. Baffle Box design, in its true form, is a three-dimensional fabric wall that creates a box to allow for maximum thickness and comfort while it keeps the down evenly distributed within each box.

This type of goose down comforter will minimize movement of the down filling, so that it doesn’t clump or shift into one section. Baffle Box design is a requirement for a comforter to have a longer life cycle, it is especially important if you will be machine washing your down bedding.

Most of the standard style down comforters will not have 100% baffle box construction, but they will have some sort of sewn in separation so that the down inside does not clump up and you end up with a round lump of down in one corner of the blanket. However if you can afford it, always go for true baffle box construction.

Thread count simply means how tightly woven is the cover around the down filling. A higher thread count will mean the weave is tighter and it will be less likely any of the down will escape, however a tighter weave also will mean warmer temperatures under the blanket due to restricted air flow.

Some people consider higher thread count to be smoother as well and provide more comfort, but this is objective to each person and shouldn’t always be used to determine quality.

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Down Allergies?

5. Some people have allergies to down feathers and should be careful when choosing bedding. One way to be safe is to go with a down alternative comforter which can be similar in comfort levels and much lower in price.

Another way would be to go with a hypoallergenic down comforter, or an extremely tightly woven thread count for the outer cover on the down blanket. This will keep the down from escaping and help alleviate allergies.

Warranties and Washing / Maintaining your Bedding

6. The top down comforters can be very expensive. Always look for a comforter being sold by a reputable company that offers a warranty. Some companies like pacific coast offer a 30 day comfort warranty, as well as a forever fluffy warranty. They also offer a limited 5 year warranty. Pacific coast has been doing down comforters a long time and they seem to be pretty professional about it.

Always follow the labels instructions when caring for a down comforter, answers to many of your down bedding care questions can be found here.

Always take the time to make sure you are buying your down comforter from the original manufacturer. There are pirated or “fake” down blankets out there and you don’t want to get ripped off.

Hopefully I’ve been able to help you quickly and easily find the perfect down duvet for your home. In the past I’ve spent many hours researching and checking out different types of down duvets and finally decided I wanted to share the information I’d found with others, so I started writing down comforter reviews on this website.

This blog is the result of that decision. Down bedding is somewhat of a passion for me, I love sleeping under mine and I also use a down pillow every night and have for years as well. These goose down comforter reviews should help you pick the perfect blankets for your home.

The best goose down comforters are an investment. They will help you sleep at night, I know, I have one and it’s amazing, I couldn’t live without it. Take your time and read through the details about each down comforter as you’re shopping. That way when you finally do make your purchase, whichever down comforter you buy you’ll be satisfied that it is the right one for your home. If you haven’t done enough research you might pick the incorrect comforter and end up with buyers remorse because you’re sleeping under a comforter that is too heavy or too warm, be careful! Do your research!